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Heimdal Security Discount Coupon

Get an Exclusive Heimdal Security Discount Coupon for great discounts on Thor Vigilance Home, Thor Foresight Home and Thor Premium Home.


Thor Vigilance Security Discount Coupon

Thor Vigilance Home is a lightweight, hassle-free solution that combines the techniques known by both traditional and next-gen antivirus engines to provide unparalleled protection against online threats. 
It will stop ransomware, data leakage, viruses, APTs, exploits and other threats to your digital life.


  • Local Signature-based Scanning.
  • Real-Time Cloud Scanning.
  • Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection.
  • Heuristic and Behavior-based Scanning.
  • Firewall.


Thor Foresight Home Coupon Code

Thor Foresight Home is a unique threat prevention solution for your PC. Thor Foresight Home will block viruses and malware before they infect your computer.


  • Protects your memories against ransomware.
  • Blocks malware before it infects your computer
  • Keeps scammers out of your bank account
  • Automatically closes security holes in your apps
  • Stops malicious websites from infecting you


Thor Premium Home Discount Coupon

Thor Premium Home completely secures your digital life. It offers unique threat prevention and next-gen antivirus in a complete and all-in-one security suite.


  • Thor Premium Home brings the unique threat prevention layer of Thor Foresight Home on top of a flawless, market-leading detection Thor Vigilance Home Antivirus to stop ransomware, data leakage, viruses, APTs, exploits & other advanced online threats.
  • Thor Premium Home prevents unknown threats and stops the known attacks. Browse online without the fear of ransomware, cryptojacking and other malware strains, connect devices without worrying they’re compromised.
  • Thor Premium Home eliminates vulnerabilities in your system and protects the valuable data that makes up your digital life. Seamlessly installs and patches your other software, so your system is always updated and always secure.

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